Santa's Super Friends

Santa's Super Friends

Santa's Super Friends is an arcade game developed by ToyBox Games
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ToyBox Games

Santa's Super Friends is an arcade game developed by ToyBox Games.
This title takes us to the life of the famous Santa Claus, he has a big problem and needs your help to solve it. One of his regular assistants made a lot of toys with an ugly smell, so Santa asked him not to work anymore, but this friend called Mr.Stink has another plan, he steals all the toys the day before Christmas! Now, Santa needs your help to make new toys.
In the first level, you will have to put together the pieces of a colored monkey (arms, head and so on) and then you will pack it in a box.

The goal of each level is to make a certain number of presents. Of course, that you have to be care of finishing your requested toy before it arrives to the end of the conveyor belt. So, in later levels, you will have to make toys faster, but do not panic as helpers and bonuses will show up to help you in your work. It's the helpers that keep on surprising and delighting players and their super friends.

Then, you will do more toys, such as robots, rabbits, dolls and depending on how quickly and successfully you complete a level, you can earn a bronze, silver or gold star for your performance.

The graphics of the game is great, the scenarios are very well done, the sound effects are suitable and the soundtrack is nice, but repetitive. The gameplay is very simple you will only use your mouse.

María Noel Balla
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